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Thanks to ADOT for life-saving arrow

Re: the March 29 letters “Avoid accidents with left-turn arrow” and “Lots of near misses at Oracle-Orange Grove.”

We had a family member die in a traffic accident on March 25 at Oracle Road and Orange Grove. Several people wrote in Letters to the Editor about how dangerous this intersection has been.

The writers commented on how there needs to be a dedicated left-turn light. Our Julie Begin, age 46, a very careful driver, was turning left onto eastbound Orange Grove and was broadsided by a large SUV traveling north on Oracle. She died within minutes.

About a week later, I contacted the Arizona Department of Transportation and was told to speak to a C.T. Revere in the Tucson office.

I informed him of what had happened and our loss. He said he would talk to the people in charge of programming the traffic signals.

I am happy to report that on Saturday, I turned left from Oracle Road onto eastbound Orange Grove on a trailing, dedicated left-turn arrow.

Thank you, C.T. Revere and the ADOT personnel who reprogrammed the traffic signals at Oracle and Orange Grove roads.

George Workman


Kids not doing well with Ducey as ‘father’

It was with a heavy sigh, Gov. Ducey, that I read about the tax cuts to be enacted next year and your desire for additional tax cuts.

If you are the “father” of our state, you are doing a terrible job of taking care of your “family.” Here are examples of needs you are neglecting: Your students need a learning environment, your children need to be healthy and well-fed, your constituents need a protected vote, your workers need job opportunities, your drivers need a ride without fear of potholes.

All of this is happening while you reward big-business friends with gifts of more tax cuts.

Have you asked them if they need or want them? It certainly looks like you are just feeding your own political ego.

I believe it’s time to “man-up,” reorganize your priorities and take care of your family.

Marion Pickens

East side

Pickens is a former Democratic state representative.

Prop. 123 criticism is disheartening

As an educator in Arizona for 30 years, I have been dismayed by the recent criticism of Prop. 123.

It seems that too many are confused about its scope and purpose.

Prop. 123 is meant to settle the lawsuit over the Legislature’s failure to fund Prop. 301 monies that are due to schools.

It was never intended to replace any funding reforms the state should make.

It’s not the full amount the state owes our children, but it’s money our schools will have this fall.

Otherwise, it could take years to settle with no guarantee of getting paid.

If Prop. 123 doesn’t pass, you can be sure that more cuts will be made to budgets that are already stretched too thin.

Please vote yes and continue to remind our governor and legislators through letters, mails and votes that they are still expected to take better care of our children.

Susan Essington

Southwest side

DeVry University served this student well

As a proud graduate of DeVry University, I am concerned about the picture that is being painted about my alma mater in your publication.

I have a very different experience than what is being portrayed and want to share my story.

When I left my career as a professional athlete and wanted to start working on my second career goals, one of them consisted of going back to school and getting a master’s degree in technology.

I already had the big university experience, and I wanted to attend a school that was flexible, just as serious as a big university, fast-paced, and most importantly, smaller class-sized, so that I would not feel intimidated or stressed when I needed to ask questions or talk to the professor one on one.

I visited with several schools, but I was surprised regarding the thoroughness, professionalism and caring atmosphere of DeVry University.

Eight months before I graduated, I was offered a job as a database administrator.

Victor Adeyanju

North side