As a 3rd street property owner for 42 years and a former Tucson bicycle commuter, I observe many of today’s cyclists irresponsibly pedaling while plugged into cell phones for music, news, conversation or even more dangerously-texting. Multitasking while cycling is risky and attention to roads is imperative for survival. Yes, we need to slow vehicular traffic for safety but cyclist’s acute attention to traffic cost nothing as opposed to wastefully expensive motor vehicle detours designed to coddle less serious cyclists who choose their media over safety.

Since 3rd street is exit only, speeders on Richey almost miss their stop sign because of the unexpected additional distraction (and their seeming confusion) from new large planters and sign posts. A traffic circle containing highly visible foliage and 4-way stop signs would give all traffic an earlier visual speed deterrent from greater distance and would be a calmer and safer solution for all concerned cyclists, drivers, pedestrians and nearby residents. Traffic circles work well in many areas of Tucson.

Frank Frisina


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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