I've been out of town recently but got back in time to see Ann Brown's opinion about horseback riding on the Linda Vista Trail. Honestly, she wants horses wearing diapers and crews cleaning up the horse manure every day on a miles long trail?

If it offends her that much, she needs to get into her car and drive to another trail. It's not like the horses and tourists can be moved, and they deserve one drop-dead-gorgeous trail to enjoy the Tucson experience they paid big bucks to get. This is EXACTLY how the national forest land is meant to be used and their lease should be renewed immediately.

Pusch Ridge Stables just went out of business up there so there are very few places left to see how it looked to the cowboys and native americans as they settled the West. Please, can't we keep what's unique about Tucson a little longer? There are so many other trails to hike and bike ride.

Kat Wahl


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