I couldn't agree with Albert Miller's letter more! My published letter on May 9th, supporting the Linda Vista horse trail, was limited to 170 words, or I would have included what he said about cowboys and horses creating those trails in the first place and the horse manure being good for the land. I would have also expanded on the silly idea of horse diapers in the guest opinion. What a great selfie for the tourists!

So what if the land is being churned up (better to mix in those horse manure nutrients)? And I've never seen any risk whatsoever to people stepping off the trail to let horses pass. Most folks enjoy seeing the horses and talking with the riders. People sure stop me a lot in the Tucson Mountains to get a closer look at my horse and chat about the weather!

The National Forest Trails are for everyone and this is only one they have to share with commercial horses. What a shame!

Kat Wahl


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