There two issues in the TEP filing that really stand out for their duplicitous nature.

TEP wants to build solar on residential rooftops exactly like the systems many individuals have installed. However, their systems, for profit, will be so much better than the exactly identical systems already sprinkled throughout their territory. Hmmm, maybe they have some fairy dust to sprinkle on the panels that produce goodness.

Another issue, they want to add a meter reading charge. This is a truly remarkably scam. First the meter is installed for the convenience of TEP to meet their obligation to use renewables. The meter serves no other purpose and as configured provides no useful information to the solar owner. Secondly, the meter communicates wirelessly and does not need to be read in the traditional sense.

I hope that the Corporation Commission sees the ludicrous nature of this filing, and will give this filing the treatment it deserves, the waste can.

Thomas Szudajski

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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