Recent months in the political sandbox have been loud, angry and accusatory. I appreciate the diverse expressions of opinion elevating our Tucson conversation, but the incessant name-calling and Blame Game are tiresome. As a retired educator and coach, I know that productive collaboration seldom arises by insulting your teammates. I am dismayed to realize that Congresswoman Martha McSally may have been threatened by another Tucsonan.

Since her election, Martha McSally has been a problem-solver within our community. Of course she has protected Davis-Monthan and our veterans; but she has also implemented hearings regarding women and family employment issues. She responded to her constituents’ complaints about the Affordable Care Act. Martha McSally hasn’t been perfect, by any means. She’ll continue to receive my emails when I believe there’s a better way to resolve an issue. And honestly, my students were expected to be more creative than resorting to the F-Word in class.

Our community deserves more effective rhetoric when working with our elected officials.

Cindy Coleman

Southeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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