In my calls to Senators McCain and Flake and Congresswoman McSally about issues of great importance to me, specifically, the healthcare legislation and HR 10, I am told that none of these legislators has an opinion. During campaigns, politicians spend scads of money to oblige us to listen to their opinions day in and day out in television, radio, telephone, and print ads; once they are elected, however, that is the end of the opinions available to the public. They disdain to believe that we, the voters, are worth their breath to tell us what they think, or what they are up to, or to ask us what we think or want. It seems, in short, like they are blowing us off. We are paying these legislators; they work for me. And if, as it is becoming increasingly apparent by their indifference, they do not work for me, who do they work for? Can I get my money back?

G. T. Warren


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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