It is now apparent where Jeff Flake has landed on BCRA and the Cruz amendment. Good job of concealing his hand till now. I hope that he is proud of himself and the way he is representing the majority of Arizonans, including people in the small, rural localities like his ancestral hometown. I will be interested to see how he campaigns next year when, as I fondly hope, he will choose to campaign in the open, not behind closed doors, and will be forced to take questions from the parents of children whose health care has been gutted; from the children of our seniors, whose carehome funding has been gutted; from young women whose access to quality reproductive health care in the form of Planned Parenthood has been gutted. Perhaps he thinks: No matter, these people don't vote. I say to him: "Senator, my personal mission is voter education and voter registration. These people will vote and their friends and families will vote. This is my pledge to you."

G.T. Warren


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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