Harry Morgan's letter to the editor of May 18th "How Obamacare has improved my life" ran as I counted, 325 words. When I submitted my letter last month I was limited to the maximum 150 words. I understand opinion pieces are allowed up 300 words, but was not in a an opinion section. This is just another of the Star's example of how if you're anti Trump, writers are given priority and flexibility with the letters they submit. What Mr. Morgan doesn't take in account is that there is no final bill yet. Don't you think we all should wait to see what is presented before the flaming arrows fly? How does he know there will be less protection than there is now? Hopefully the Senate will read the bill prior to passing it unlike the Democrats who passed it just find out what was in it. I could go on but your word counter tells me I'm running out of space.

Joe Long

Southeast side

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