Palin is no feminist

Re: Oct. 23 article "Palin surprise guest at Ariz. tea-party rally."

How does Sarah Palin get off referring to herself as a feminist when she advocates taking America back to a time when women could not vote?

Dave Gallagher

Retired, Lakeside

Don't toss good money after bad

How naive do the proponents of Prop. 401 believe we voters might be? The city has tortured its way through one bungled budget after the other over so many years that I cannot even remember.

Whenever there has been a chance to fail miserably in any major project, the city mostly managed to do so quite gloriously.

In every company, institution or organization, salaries are raised when the person has a proven track record.

"Fix the city now," ads announce all over the city. Fine, but prove first that you could even handle any budget increase in a fiscally conservative and effective manner.

Throwing more money at a rather unreliable group of city administrators and bureaucrats sounds like rewarding failure and waste at many levels and at an astonishing level.

My advice: Dissolve the City Council and the post of the mayor and let the Pima County Board of Supervisors do that job.

Albrecht Classen

Professor, Tucson

Yay! The elections are almost over

I can't wait for the election to be over. This state is so screwed up. I have never seen a more negative group of politicians. No one has much to say about what they stand for.

We just hear about it from the other guy as a bad thing. And there are a couple of newcomers out there who really scare me. They have yet to refute that they want to eliminate Social Security, add a ridiculous national sales tax, et cetera. Which means to me that they must really believe that would be the way to go. Who would vote for that, other than rich folks and big business?

Tucson votes down a new hotel that could bring in money to the city. Why is everyone so against making downtown Tucson a great place to go? But they think they need to increase sales tax to keep our police and firemen. Guess we would need it to pay for their pay raise instead.

The mayor and the City Council certainly have not earned a raise and no one else has had a pay increase in the past few years, so why should they get one?

Sorry I rant, but there is so much to rant about here. I could go on. Thank God for the mountains and weather.

Carol King


Goodwill store is no threat

Re: the Oct. 17 column by Dale Quinn "Goodwill meeting resistance in Bear Canyon."

All I can say is "shame on you, Lori Oien." What an unkindly thing to say.

I have been in almost all the Goodwill stores in Tucson and, odd as it may seem to you, have never felt threatened or unsafe in any location.

Goodwill shoppers are not criminals as you may perceive, but your neighbors looking for their own kind of treasures.

Kathryn Payne

Retired, Tucson

Killing killers never justifiable

Re: the Oct. 27 article "Killer executed after Ariz. obtains drug from Britain."

So Jeffrey Landrigan is dead (despite questions about DNA evidence). There was an international search to find the "right" drug to kill him with - it was finally imported from Great Britain.

After he was dead did the person he was accused of murdering come back to life? Does the victim's family feel "at peace" now that another human being has been killed?

I ask the question once again: Why do we kill people who kill people in order to show that killing people is wrong?

Why is "Thou shalt not kill" so difficult to understand and apply to every human being?

May God forgive us all for allowing this to happen in our state.

Sister Elizabeth Christensen


So-called 'patriots' disrespect the flag

To all you self-proclaimed "patriots" who think merely displaying an American flag on your property makes you patriotic, please at least have the decency to familiarize yourself with the rules governing such a display.

Your tattered flag should not be flying. Your flag should not be flying at night without lighting. Your flag should not be left in the rain.

Only the president - you know, that black guy that most of you tea-party supporters who fly American flags despise - can authorize flying of the U.S. flag at half-staff.

You disgrace yourself and the flag you claim to love when you don't show it respect. If you can't display it properly, don't display it all.

Dustin Wright

Oro Valley

Happy 125th , UA; Raytheon needs you

I'd like to congratulate the University of Arizona on its 125th anniversary. Our partnership dates back to 1951, and our collaborations have led to countless technological advancements and achievements benefiting our company, our customers, the university, our community and state.

As Southern Arizona's largest employer, Raytheon couldn't attract highly talented workers without the presence of the UA and its research facilities.

The UA provides access to an innovative education and furthers the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Of Raytheon's more than 73,000 employees worldwide, more students are recruited from the UA than from any other university.

We've also collaborated with the UA on many research projects, from advanced imagery that detects improvised explosive devices - a critical threat to our deployed soldiers - to improving the detection of cyber attacks.

The UA is a critical contributor to Arizona's economy and to high-tech businesses such as Raytheon. I look forward to many more years of successful partnership.

Taylor W. Lawrence

President, Raytheon Missile Systems

Resurfacing worsens road

Re: the Oct. 26 article "Bumps stay after resurfacing work on Sabino Canyon Road."

I drive Sabino Canyon Road nearly every day. When the delays and resurfacing started I was happy to think the surface would be improved.

But as the article mentions, it is worse, and the bumps are more pronounced.

The two things that bother me most about the project is that the RTA has the chutzpah (phenomenal gall) to put up a sign that says "Completed as Promised," and the second with equal chutzpah was for David Cummings of Pima County's maintenance operations division to say "You get what you pay for."

You could have painted the road black with the same result. So much for the $137,000 federal stimulus funds wasted.

Benn Isaacman