Local Muslim mystified, dismayed

I am dismayed at the current and obviously orchestrated uproar by special interests against building mosques in our country.

I defended this nation for 10 years as a U.S. Marine with four deployments to the Middle East including Afghanistan. I am also a Muslim.

I'm completely mystified how my fellow Americans could think that my fellow American-Muslims are either responsible for Sept. 11 or that our mosques are a danger to them.

Let's not listen to those who try to make people hate others just to get higher ratings or more votes.

Instead, come by our mosque on Friday nights and have dinner with us as we break our Ramadan fasts together. We'd love to have you over and show Tucson we have nothing to hide.

Michael Gatto

Application Developer, Sr., Sahuarita

Thanks to Star, others will beware of bins

Re: the Aug. 18 letter to the editor "Trash-bin story not front-page news."

I don't see why the letter writer makes such a big deal about the Star publishing a front-page story about Mrs. Schneider's accident with a trash bin.

I happen to know Mrs. Schneider and she is a brilliant person who has a Ph.D. and is a renowned author of several insightful books. She is anything but stupid and if this can happen to her, it can certainly happen to anybody.

The reason this story made the front page is the bizarre nature of the incident and the severity of her injuries.

I don't think anybody could ever imagine having such a brutal and crippling accident due to pushing a trash bin with the lid open!

If this article prevents even one person from suffering the same fate then I say kudos to her and the Star for getting the word out.

Juan J. Aguirre

Teaching artist, Tucson

Story ruined breakfast

Re: the Aug. 11 article "Judge nearly laid an egg."

Gee, thanks, Kristen Cook, you have ruined my appetite for eggs, which was tenuous at best. After reading her poorly conceived article about the "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" where she actually compared an egg yolk to a zit, I have decided to never read her column again - too risky. She might write about something I actually love to eat, plus I will never be able to look an egg in the face again without thinking of her perfectly tasteless writing. What a waste of column space and ink. What was her editor thinking? What was she thinking? I am feeling queasy just thinking about her article, which I don't think is the Star's purpose in printing it. Too bad for Teresa's Mosaic Cafe. They deserve better than Kristen Cook.

Karen Leiendecker

Retired, Tucson

Melting pot or seething cauldron?

The Ku Klux Klan, a fanatical hate group, justified their acts of terrorism, bombing and murder using a sacred religious text called the Bible.

So, what if the YMCA, another group that gets its inspiration from the Bible, wants to build a community recreation center with basketball courts and a pool a couple of blocks away from where the KKK once bombed innocent people?

Would the demagogues and ranters who clutter up the hysterical news networks say that the YMCA is being insensitive and insulting to the victims of the KKK?

Is the United States of Amnesia a melting pot or a cauldron of seething bigotry?

Wayne Sumstine


Fitz is not funny or clever

David Fitzsimmons has every right to his opinion. He does, however, consistently commit the two biggest mistakes an editorial cartoonist can make. He is not funny and he is not clever. Check out the cartoonists used on his day off, and I think you will agree.

Peter Hancock

Driver, Tucson

Just say no to mosque

There is a small, powerful word in all languages that no one seems to use any more: Parents to their children; politicians to others with their hands out; and New York City to those who want to build a mosque in ground zero. No!

Betty Drake