Re: Tucson police are investigating complaints from Saturday’s clash with Arizona Wildcats fans, including a video showing a woman being knocked down by police.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful assembly. She had a constitutional right to be there. Which constitutional right did the cop exercise?

Marc R. Barnes

The order to disperse was given. People started to taunt the police, others hung out to watch. Some folks need some physical assistance in the learning process.

Gary White

If you want people to disperse peacefully, why show up in full riot gear? That alone encourages problems. It was like a challenge to the students. I believe it instigated the throwing of bottles, etc. There was no call for that gear, the TPD came looking for a riot that they themselves began by their own suggestion. Once again, TPD has overkill in a situation. Shameful on both sides, but aren’t the police supposed to have maturity?

Ann Elizabeth Marra

The suggestion is that the response of the individuals is justfied because of the police presence in battle gear? Good grief. Think personal responsibility.

Laura Roth-Shepherd

I think it’s funny that when TPD does their job of controlling a rowdy crowd people get all up in arms, just because you see cops in riot gear doesn’t give you the right to provoke them! If you poke the lion you’re bound to get bitten. Thanks for embarrassing the people that are from Tucson and still care about having our city look good.

Matthew Valenzuela

TPD needs to continue to adjust their tactics. While I don’t hold the police responsible for the frankly stupid and reckless behavior of those involved in this “riot,” I do think their premature show of force may have inflamed some already hot tempers. And while excessive force was clearly used on that poor girl in the video, you don’t hear the businesses complaining about what happened because the cops did their job.

Shelby Irons Scheer

People don’t need to be getting abused by police. Regardless of why police were called for. It doesn’t matter whether the person is guilty or innocent. We are all protected by the Constitution. We should all be treated humanely and not suffer abuse by police.

Ricardo Martinez