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Re: Deputies have checked on Supervisor Ally Miller’s home 47 times since she called 911 asking for round-the-clock protection after her address was published online.

If addresses are a matter of public documentation she has no valid complaint. A total waste of public money .

Katrina Carnagey

Would they have done the same if it was an ordinary citizen ?

Bryan K. Carlos

I understand her fear, but we shouldn’t be wasting police time and taxpayer dollars. A suggestion: Hire a private security company or get a dog.

Arlene Karasik Rosner

What’s wrong with these people? Perhaps she needs to resign and stay in her house with a loaded gun.

Jeremy Thomas

Re: Single parenting the most common reason Tucson women are poor, study finds.

And here I thought it was the low wage jobs offered in Tucson. Who knew?

Chris Scheel

This is not news. It has long been evident that being a single mother is the straightest, fastest road to poverty in America.

Dan Eff

Maybe we should talk about birth control and not making babies until after you graduate high school and are married.

Barbara Vogel Treick

Day care is crazy expensive. That’s why I work nights and my older sons watch my daughter. And it’s impossible to find one open late or on weekends.

Rainbow Lara

Open your own business to accommodate this vacuum. It is not up to taxpayers to take care of all these kids. Parents ought to hook up, brainstorm, get a business plan together and head off to get a business loan. Your day and evening care will be what Tucson needs and you may end up creating a wonderful place.

Marie Gannon Ribbens