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Re: Pima County is looking to expand its tough anti-tobacco rules; workers would have to be tobacco-free for a year before applying for a Pima County job.

I’m not a smoker and never have been, and I find this crazy. It is a legal product. Not healthy, but legal. Next they’ll be controlling everything in your life. The world’s gone crazy and we let it.

T. Roxanne Craig

I’d like to require the Pima County Board of Supervisors to stop raising our taxes and squandering road repair money for soccer field real estate speculation deals.

Steve Fesch

What about diabetics, alcoholics and obese people? I’m not a smoker, however, I think this is getting ridiculous!

Therese Mendoza-Olson

All you folks who think the government should be involved in paying for our health care asked for this. If they’re paying for health care, they’re going to tell us what we can eat, drink and smoke. It’s that simple, folks.

Bil Van Otterloo

I still don’t know how you’re supposed to prove you’ve been smoke-free for a year?

Rachel Lamm

Re: Tesla Motors has received a $3 billion building permit from the city of Tucson for construction of a battery assembly plant.

Bring it on. I’d work there for no wages at all, just to be involved.

Greg Gilmore

Thank you, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, for being proactive on trying to get Tesla Motors battery factory to choose Tucson. Great move!

Barbara Schmitter

Dear Tucson building code folks ... please give small businesses the same courtesy. We create jobs all the time.

Leslie Faltin

It’s still not a done deal. The news reported that although they did break ground in Nevada, it’s still just considered a “potential” site. Doubtful we could still get it at this point, but it would be a awesome.

Michelle Kies

It’s about time Tucson got serious. Now to bring in more big companies.

Liza Leigh