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Re: Tucson’s BASIS North and University High again among top US high schools.

This is a wonderful news for Tucsonans. Two schools in Tucson in top 10 list.

Way to go UHS and BASIS!

Chandana Gunasekara

I love that some Tucson schools are being recognized as among the best in the nation; however, one should also note that there are some pretty kick-butt schools in Tucson that didn’t make this list, too!

Kassandra Weleck

Great to see TUSD finally getting some positive recognition.

David Hohman

Interesting that BASIS can only find campuses far north and far east side. BASIS is a great charter school, but if it isn’t accessible to south-side students it defeats purpose of doing well for all.

Artemisa Lopez

Everyone really needs to stop reporting on these US News & World Report rankings. The system they use is unbelievably bad. It pretty much boils down to “percentage of students who pass an AP test” which means (surprise!) a charter school with “pass an AP test” as a graduation requirement will always do well.

Alex Toussaint

Re: Failure to update impact fee rules may cost Tucson millions.

City Manager Richard Miranda attributed the delay to the law’s complexity. Phoenix cleaned up its impact fee plan shortly after the law changed and had a new one in place on Jan. 1, 2012, said Alan Stephenson. Any questions?

Kevin Defilippo

So who is going to be sanctioned for this kind of incompetence and negligence? Someone needs to lose their job over this.

Sanda Schuldmann

Spin all you like, but Tucson’s rep is being ruined by the people “we” (not me) have elected, and the Star has endorsed.

Steve Badart

Good thing the City Council has spent so much time getting us a modern streetcar and another holiday.

Benjamin L. Drake

Failure to update from the mayor to bottom of the chain has cost Tucson millions. Vote for the same old, same old, you get the same old same old. Do you all expect any different?

Kevin Dail