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Re: “Stand your ground” law and the Oro Valley road-rage shooting verdict.

If I am yelling at you because you cut me off and nearly caused an accident, then somehow you think your life is in danger and you have the right to not only pull a gun on me, but to kill me? This is wrong.

Sara Sacks

These laws need to be changed. Don’t wag your finger at someone — they may mistake it for a gun and pull theirs and shoot you.

Dot Lundy Smith

Very sad the way this turned out, but not having “stand your ground” would be worse than having it. People need to be able to protect themselves.

Triston Dyer

It’s a bad law and a bad jury. I’m tired of the NRA and ALEC telling everyone how to live their lives. Owning and using a gun is a huge responsibility, and our laws should follow suit.

Mickie Harris

Re: Arizona Senate OKs killing of endangered wolves.

I’m not saying it’s completely justified to shoot these animals. Trust me, I’m not for that. But being from a ranching lifestyle and raising cattle, that is our livelihood. These wolves kill our livelihood and are taking food off the table and clothes off our back.

Kymber Keith

Why are we introducing an animal just to be able to kill it? I get it that they want to protect their own animals but that’s why you set up fences and avoid killing an endangered animal.

Stephen Guerrero

They were here first. We are all living on stolen land. They have 10 times more rights to the land than we do. Shame.

Cherlynn Gibb

It’s not about sport. These ranchers are losing livestock every day. There is no other way to stop these wolves. They should have never been reintroduced.

Paul Ragle

OK, let’s put bighorn sheep in where their primary predator lives and wonder why they’re getting eaten. Now allow ranchers to kill endangered wolves. Sometimes this state embarrasses me.

Michael James