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Re: More children crossing border alone using dangerous Arizona corridor.

Kids of any culture believe they are invincible, teenagers especially. They think crossing a desert is like a stroll down main street. They think that a job is waiting for them in the U.S. just for the taking. Won’t they be surprised when the desert proves them wrong and, if they make it across, there is no job waiting for them, since they have no real job skills to offer.

Donald Ham

Could it be that these children “migrants” are coming here alone and/or accompanied by their parents because of hearing of continued discussions here about passing the Dream Act? Could it be that word has filtered down into their home countries that Obama has in place a de facto hands off policy for illegal immigrants in the country?

David Michael

It just shows that no matter how bad we perceive things to be in our country, it’s still better than most other countries.

Chris Scheel

Re: A former Tucson police officer who resigned after she was charged with computer tampering has filed a sexual harassment claim against the city.

If her boyfriend was so abusive and awful, why did she break the law and use police computers to get information about her supposed rivals for his attention? Wasn’t the original story about her being jealous? A scorned, obsessed gal who hunted down other women? And now she wants us to believe it’s the Police Department’s fault she became a criminal? And she wants our tax dollars too? That’s insane.

Gabrielle Williams

Two sides to every story. Who knows what it or isn’t being reported. I do agree however, “she wouldn’t have had reason in the first place ...” is not a valid excuse. As a cop, or frankly any person with integrity, you should not do something wrong then claim it wasn’t your fault.

Emily Jane

Why is it that the attractive woman in a business corporation, in the military, in a police department, in whatever is always suspect? How about if this case works it’s way through the court system and witnesses are called to testify, under oath, as to what happened?

Donell Kelly