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Re: Police criticize Councilman Steve Kozachik for opposing sick-leave sell-back.

Good for him. It is great that the taxpayers have someone looking out for them. Discouraging to see the police union mislead the public about Kozachik’s salary and benefits. So much for integrity.

Daniel Benavidez

Cops and firefighters are well-paid with excellent benefits. They should be. But at what point is it enough? If they’re just in it for the money then they should have stayed in school and become lawyers.

Guy Rovella

All the city has to do is tell the employees use it or lose it. Many big companies are doing that, and you do not hear outcry from that.

Beth Henion Colby

It’s actually a good policy the way it is. It’s called an incentive. I guarantee the overtime they will end up paying when people don’t have that incentive will cost taxpayers more.

Esther M. White

Re: Thousands of Tucson kids are skipping sex ed.

If Republicans quit with the 16th century world view and join this place called “reality,” then abortions and unprotected sex would be rare. Denmark and Netherlands are the world leaders in sex ed, and look at their outcomes: far superior to ours.

Brian McCall

Spiritually blind people who reject Jesus have no business teaching my kids about sex.

Triston Dyer

For parents seeking more than abstinence “education,” both Unitarian Universalist churches in Tucson offer fact-based, age-appropriate sex education courses. The curriculum is called Our Whole Life.

Gwen Goodman

If the parents did their job in the first place, there’d be no need for the schools to teach sex ed. That is a topic that should be discussed in the family.

Sabrina M. Messenger

No matter how you’re raising your kids, no matter your religious beliefs, no matter how you were raised, you should teach your kids about sex. You owe it to them. Sex among teens is as much of a reality now as it was 50 years ago. The difference is that there’s more awareness now. But don’t confuse awareness with education.

Little Mike