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Re: the Jan. 19 editorial “Time to move ahead, let Rosemont be built.”

Wow — I stand amazed. I never expected the Star to say “yes,” but here it is. Well said, Star. I am pleasantly surprised by the reasoned rationale. Yes, I’ve been for the mine for a long time and it was obvious that Star editorial members have been against it.

But you make a practical argument for all who, like you, didn’t want  the mine . They’ve shown through this ridiculously overlong review process that Rosemont is going to be a good neighbor and a good employer.

Paul Petersen

Deep in the bowels of the Star’s editorial offices, the tarot cards are being read: “You will meet a tall, handsome stranger. Never mind that he is a psychopath. Seize the opportunity.

“You will come upon a proposal for a copper mine, high in the mountains. No need for clearance by the Army Corps of Engineers. Looks great to me.”

Why didn’t we just save all of the time, money and vitriol and just have the Star’s editorial board decide this issue years ago?

Mike Carson

Amazing — even though everyone admits that Rosemont is a bad idea and will destroy a key area of our environment, it’s OK because “they are doing as much as they can” to only destroy 60 percent — not 100 percent. So only 60 percent of our water will disappear.  Only 60 percent of our air will be polluted. So I guess in 20 years only 40 percent of Tucson will be left. What a future.

Marsha Badanes

Kudos to the Star for supporting Rosemont. Jobs aside, this nation is not the personal museum of the elite environmental lobby. The analysis of this project was far too expensive and time-wasting and yet the protests continue, which proves to me that their only agenda is one of denial and selfish greed. Get on with the mine and bring out the metals this country needs.

Jack Purson

I’m so glad for Rosemont Copper for fighting the good fight. As an Arizona citizen, I’m really looking forward to Rosemont beginning operation. Real, actual jobs and profits. There’s always two sides to a story and Rosemont is the right side.

Timothy O’Donnell

Keep water at the forefront of the argument. The Colorado River is declining by the second. Cities in the Southwest are still going to grow. Anyone who says there is enough water truly doesn’t care about the long-term interest of our community. Of course they will find biased facts to support their argument. If you don’t fight for the water, then say goodbye to it forever.

Sampson Ramirez