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Re: TUSD efficiency audit says more schools may need to be closed after finding 14,000 empty seats throughout the district.

These are children, not efficiency ratings. Let them have smaller class sizes. In this case, efficiency does not equal effectiveness.

Pam Lambert

Home school is better because all districts cannot make up their minds. It is like the competitions of which is the best district to win the top grades. Fools! Kids come first. Forget the money, just teach the kids. Teach the kids and the money comes later.

Tamiko Rafeek

One detail from the presentation of the audit was the comment about there being a two-tiered system in the district based on access. I’m sorry. After decades and hundreds of millions spent to remove the stigma of race leading to a two-tiered system to be replaced by a two-tiered system based on access. That is NOT an improvement.

Bill Beard

The principal rule of system dysfunction states that competition reduces size down to a level of competency. If that level is not reached, the system ceases to exist.

Tyler Remmington

Open more charter schools! They have managed great efficiency.

Diane Avery Van Handel