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June 06, 2014 12:08 pm

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Re: The Tucson City Council approves a 147-room Marriott hotel downtown and a $6.7 million tax break.

Tucson is way overdue for a high-rise big-name hotel. After that goes up, maybe you’ll see actual events in our convention center.

‪Gabriel Campuzano

Why are they receiving tax credits to build a corporate hotel?! Why not offer huge tax incentives to local and small-business hotels in the downtown area for renovation and expansion?

‪Christina Robertson-Ramirez

Almost $7 million in tax breaks to build something that every major city in the country has already. $33 million deficit but no, we don’t need that tax money.

Seems like every major project downtown and near UA is getting this break.

‪Jeff Jones

Re: Former Wildcat basketball player Joseph Blair, who was called “Goofy Blair” in two Star headlines, commits to coaching at UA.

Great to have Joseph Blair back. He is both a connection to the historic past, as well as a knowledgeable post position coach.

His personality is a bonus, but what impresses me more is the work he does with his foundation. He is truly an asset to the community.

I see Rondae Hollis-Jefferson as his kindred spirit. Nice, amiable, funny guys that are all-business on the court. Good luck, Coach Blair, Wildcat for life!

Javier Barajas

I don’t really like that title of “goofy” Blair. Anybody who has ever met Joseph knows he is just naturally friendly and outgoing. Goofy is not what I’d call him.

He’s a really nice guy with a personality. He also, duh, knows the college game.

James Gordon Patterson

I agree with you about the name “Goofy.”

However, I would like the inside info of how he got that tag; maybe it was a term of “endearment” from Mom or his junior high school buddies.

Alex Nagtalon

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