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Re: An unnamed UA benefactor offers to donate $17.68 million worth of stock that could result in multimillion-dollar retention bonuses for the athletic director and the basketball and football coaches.

Wish someone with this kind of money would make this kind of donation to help students with tuition costs to stay in school to get their diploma. What is UA? An athletic franchise or a public institution of higher learning?

‪Margie Wrye

Don’t knock it! I am so proud to say we have great contributors for our programs! Whether it be scholar or athletics. We are very fortunate to have such generous donations and great student body!

John and Lori Tessendorf

I just wish they had such a “retention plan” for the athletes on scholarships. You should have to stay through junior year or pay back the scholarship money when you go pro. If you want to leave after three years, OK fine. But leaving after freshman or sophomore years is a bit much. Pay it back.

‪Sandra J. Fisher

I hope the donor considers giving to the Community Food Bank.

‪Vanessa Galloway

My wife just finished 15 years of teaching elementary school. She is an exceptional teacher who actually writes grants, gets guest speakers, runs summer school programs and much more. Most of this is done after hours at home. With all the extras she does, $37,000 is all they give her. Coming from Massachusetts, she made twice that on seven years’ experience. Education in Arizona is broken. Priorities are in the wrong place.

‪Ben Vosper

These guys are good, but this stock offer is really too much.

‪Jamye Holding