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Re: The assistant director of the University of Arizona’s telemedicine program will not have her appointment renewed. The doctor, Suzanne Sisley, blames her lobbying for research on medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome.

U of A is a research university that is cutting edge. I don’t understand why this doctor is let go for lobbying for cutting edge research. On the other hand, marijuana has been used by our founding fathers for many reasons. I don’t get it. Get a grip U of A! Welcome to the future.

Connie Brown

Where is the $6 million (that medical cannabis patients paid) going to go now? That’s what I want to know. More medical research should be the first place. Follow the money and you will find the corruption. Just speculation, but to me, something stinks.

Matt Winters

This is the researcher in the news lately for wanting to study post traumatic stress syndrome in relation to medical marijuana; if they don’t want to look stupid, they shouldn’t pick someone whose story the public has been following.

Jeri Ferguson Jahnke

PTSD is a massive issue. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. Anyone who is still able to think should realize that cannabis is medicine that is effective in many medical conditions. It’s all about politics. Kimberly Yee should crawl back in her snake hole.

Jani Rowe

“My test came back what? It was research I tell you ... research.”

Michael James

Wake up U of A, it’s 2014 now.

Kathy Lee