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Re: County Supervisor Ally Miller’s bullying charge against Supervisor Ray Carroll groundless, county finds.

A tea party politician on a witch hunt that is groundless? Shocking I tell you, shocking. This is the third time that accusations have turned out to be groundless. House being stalked and 911 calls, road money being moved as retribution, Ray accused of bullying. Very strange tactics.

Bruce Whitehouse

I wonder how many of our tax dollars are being spent every time an investigation has to be made into her allegations.

Diana Corwin

No wonder nothing productive gets done.

Gayle Hoff

Carroll was a wimp for backstabbing her on her road funds. Carroll has just become an echo of the three Democrats. But Miller does need to stand up and fight her battles without playing the blame game.

Jane Horton-Leasman

Miller needs to concentrate on work and stop her nonsense. Carroll has always been a decent person.

Arturo Guerrero

Re: Unscrupulous sellers collect on a trailer for months, then find a pretext to evict the buyer and resell the trailer.

Please, please, please — for the love of everything — just say no to rent/lease-to-own!

Emmy Simpson

I see slumlords even in high-dollar rentals. They abuse tenants. I often send tenants their rights, available on the ADRE website. But the poor suffer the worst because they are scared.

Rita Parrino Gibbs

Maybe housing inspectors should begin inspecting all mobile homes, starting in the parks known to be the worst! Sounds like many are legally inhabitable. Then prosecute the wrongdoers.

Mary Liz Hall Freund

Why don’t the city of Tucson mayor and council and Pima County do something about cleaning up some of these mobile home parks?

Pam Weathers