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Re: Pima County raises fees on speeding tickets by $37.

Literal highway robbery...

Todd Amundsen

They want to raise property taxes 14 percent also. How about we create some jobs, fix some streets? Instead we are raising fees and building idiotic street cars. Next move by Pima County — crush the real estate market with tax increases. It’s embarrassing how poorly Pima County and Tucson  are run.

Steve Fesch

We should be able to ticket the county for potholes. Tags are cheaper in almost every other state, tickets are lower and they have less potholes. We have a joke for a local government here.

Robert Inman

Fight back: Observe all speed limits.

Tim Koch

In Ohio we have to buy a driver’s license every four years. We have about three times as many drivers and it’s a huge cash grab for them.

Rex Vanalstine

So they plan to build a building and hire employees based on speeders. What happens if we don’t speed? Minor infractions and trumped up cases? No one wins in court against a police officer. If we need a building it should come from taxes not speed traps. Shall we mention the cost of a ticket in this town is already beyond punitive if you compare median income with the fine. Stupid and abusive and about to become more so.

Cathy McCarty Lolwing

Before you raise anything in Pima County make sure to make jobs for the thousands of unemployed here.

Eloy Velderrain

It’s not about the money though. They just want to keep us safe!

Chris Scheel