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Re: A rapist in an Arizona prison attacks a civilian teacher. The prison’s response was that “no administrative investigation was launched because there was no need, and no one was disciplined. All prisons are dangerous places, and staffers are trained accordingly.”

Once again, rape against a woman not taken seriously. If he had raped a man, it would be considered an outrage!

Rebecca Carpenter

No woman should have been teaching in a room full of sexual offenders without a guard in there. Seriously? I know prisons are short on staffing, but I think one guard could have at least assisted this woman for however long this class was.

‪Jeanette Roelke‬

Terrible. She needs to get a lawyer. This shouldn’t have happened. It was careless and irresponsible. Children are allowed to make mistakes. Adults are not, especially when they are responsible for the safety of others. This is a shameful and despicable attitude by corrections management and administrators. You would think that people being paid upwards of $100K would be able to exercise more common sense.

‪Nathan Schneider‬

Doesn’t bode well for women thinking of a career in corrections. I’d certainly steer clear. They won’t protect you!

‪Rachel Lamm‬

While chronic understaffing is a problem throughout correctional systems in the country, lax security and a failure to protect civilian and sworn employees are not.

Pepper spray? A radio? How about a Personal Alarm Device (PAD) as would be common practice in California prisons and many correctional systems throughout the country? A PAD is a panic button, worn on the person, that unlike the complexity of making a radio call or the ability to deploy pepper spray requires a mere push of a button to activate an alarm in the affected area. Help would, and should, have arrived in a hurry.

Frank Moore

‪This upsets me so much! It is appalling. Not only the horrific fact that it occurred to the educator or anyone, but the obscene response from “state prison officials, however dismiss the concerns. They say the assault at the prison ... is a risk that comes with the job of overseeing violent inmates.”

‪Misha C



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