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Re: No action was taken in most of the of 809 complaints filed against border agents along the Southwest border between 2009 and 2012.

Well, I am sure Mexican law enforcement would treat Americans breaking their laws with coffee and doughnuts. Dear Lord have mercy, they are breaking our laws!

Deb Santos

Simple way to fix the issue. Start having the BP agents wear cameras that record what is happening. If it’s used in prisons then why not use them for BP?

John Fisher

Oversight is the key to good law enforcement. Border enforcement involves the citizens of other countries, which makes this job even more sensitive. We need good officers  and good oversight to keep things within the rules of engagement.

Donald Ham

To you low-information voters out there, “no action taken” means these were bogus claims.

Robert Nicolaus

Every profession has “bad eggs.” By vilifying an agency that is already being scrutinized by the public for doing their jobs, you are just adding fuel to the fire.

Jessica Bass

Re: Tucson builds protected bike lanes to help get more cyclists on the road.

This is good — most bikers don’t know how to share the road and seem not to notice what is going on around them.

Connie Sadler-Nelson

A simple educational campaign to raise the awareness of motorists to look right before turning would go a long way to alleviating, but not eliminating the dangers we cyclists face .

John McCarthy

Not only keeps the cars from veering into the bike lane but keeps the cyclists out of the car lane, too!

Noelle Jones

Sadly, there are many bike riders that think the laws don’t apply to them. Run red lights, ride in spread-out groups and other infractions. I appreciate bike riders that give respect to car drivers also.

Eva Flores

Nice to see some forward thinking. Good job Tucson!

Neal Patterson