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Re: 13 inappropriate comments are taped over in the Sabino High yearbooks. Students are responsible for the prank. The school’s yearbook teacher is being disciplined, but not the students.

It was a SUCCESSFUL student prank. Lighten up! As an educator myself, and a parent of six kids, oh my gosh ... they are still just kids! My father and his classmate dropped a cow cadaver out of a three-story window, successfully catching it in a wheelbarrow, while they were in college. And he is a successful doctor! Pranks are a good way to show creativity, as long as they do not hurt anyone!

‪Lianá Montgomery

Sadly, our yearbook was ruined. The duct tape melted in my son’s hot car and pages were stuck together. Really unfortunate.

‪Barbi Lowell Reuter

No discipline for the pranksters, eh? Even if they’re graduating seniors I think they ought to be fined for this.

‪Jennifer Bennett Powers

The comments weren’t that bad, in fact one quote was from a country song by Luke Bryan. Overreaction by the administration.

‪Tammy Maki

When they’re pushing 70 and reliving the highlights of their lives with their old high school pals, this will be one that gets a lot of laughs. I don’t need to know what the comments were and I’m sure the principal did what he considered to be appropriate given that this could have affected his career. It doesn’t sound like anyone will lose a job or fail to graduate because of it. This is the stuff lifetime memories are made of!

‪Susan Hamilton Bruss

In my yearbook from my senior year there is a page where the senior class is all together dressed up for spirit week and all of us did the “shocker” hand gesture and it got edited so we all look like we are missing our fingers.

John Suprock

Hope the yearbook teacher doesn’t lose his job and/or tenure. This “prank” could be life-changing for him.

‪Lisa Ochoa-Piscitello

When I was at Sahuaro High School the school paper cartoonist made subliminal messages in his cartoons. So it’s stuff kids do.

‪Matthew Daughtery