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Re: Brewer veto keeps guns out of public buildings.

Let’s see, so now we’re to leave our legally possessed firearms in our vehicles — in Phoenix, where car thefts are common. No thanks; I’ll carry mine.

Cory Schwarzkopf

So Brewer decides not to run, says she’ll focus on making the Legislature less bipartisan and is actually doing it. It’s amazing what can be done when you’re not tied to money anymore. I think I am open to changing my mind on her.

Marcia Ring

Has common sense finally entered her mind?

Mike Cline

Great, now only criminals will have guns in those buildings. All I keep hearing is how to limit law-abiding citizens and nothing about limiting the criminals.

Juan Adame

Thank you, Gov. Brewer!

Donna Alvarado

Sen. Al Melvin’s Earth Day message: Blame trees for water shortage.

How the heck are they going to have enough water for golf courses if those infernal trees are sucking it all up? It’s not like they supply oxygen or anything … oh, wait.

Anne Roberts Vasquez

Is the heat just sucking out the brains of these politicians? I mean, I expect asinine statements, but jeez.

Deb Stevenson

Next he will be blaming rivers for flooding.

Deyo Swartz

Maybe he should be interviewed by Anderson Cooper again to explain this.

Barbara Elmore

And they said there’s no comedy in Tucson.

Andrea Hauck