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Re: Forward Aaron Gordon and guard Nick Johnson will leave the Arizona Wildcats early for the NBA.

Sad how players would choose money over an education. Stay and graduate and maybe you’ll have a better NBA career.

JR Amador

Realistically, this is what a lot of these players go to college for — the opportunity go to the NBA. That’s their ultimate goal. If they are wise about the money they make, and not waste it like so many pro athletes do, then college will always be there for them when they are done.

Gina Vieweg

Gordon and Johnson will always be Wildcats, and I will continue to cheer for them as the move forward. Isn’t college all about preparing for the next chapter in your life? Both have achieved this. Congratulations.

Paul Bayless

Hope the NBA tolerates missed free throws.

Tina Limon

Re: More and more Tucson Unified School District students opting for other education options.

Natural response to bad policies.

Tullie Noltin

Unlike charter schools, public schools can’t turn away students who don’t meet the schools’ “criteria,” nor can they cap class sizes. There are so many more factors that go into educating a child than the “standards.”

Tony G. Badilla

It doesn’t matter how good the teacher is or (up to a point) how many students are in a class if you have parents who are undereducated or uninterested in what their kids are doing.

Anne Peters

Study after study and recommendations galore, but as long as the old guard remains with their own agendas, nothing will change and parents will do what needs to be done to give their kids the chance they deserve.

Rene Andreu