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Re: Arizona House panel OKs allowing school employees to have guns.

Wouldn’t it be great if the politicians were concerned about a quality education for our children and what they can do to aid teachers in that respect?

Nicole Luft Cochran

Finally. It’s about time we use our brains and make some good choices.

Bobby Motz

If the schools cannot protect a 5-year-old developmentally disabled student from an 8-year-old bully, what good are guns? Personally, as a former teacher, I cannot think of any teacher, administrator or personnel at any site where I taught that I would want entrusted with a firearm on school grounds.

Deborah McCann

As long as they are very well-trained, I am all for it.

Rachel Lamm

Use military reservists to do their two weeks a year at schools. It’s free and I’m sure they’d be proud to do it.

Geraldo Orosz

Just don’t hire that guy named Zimmerman for the custodial position.

Pete Gonzalez

Re: Credit and debit card transactions with UA’s bursar will incur a 2.5 percent convenience fee.

What’s convenient about that?

Glen Rosales

Because over $10,000 in tuition and fees is not enough?

Christine Kaiser

I am just finishing paying for my classes in payments this semester. I’m so frustrated I’ll have to pay more! It’s like they want to put the future leaders of America in debt.

Shannon Alonso

It’s actually illegal to charge a fee to use a credit card. You can offer a cash discount but to charge a percentage is not OK.

Aaron Alonso

I believe this would fall into the alternate mode of payment category, like buying movie tickets online, so is considered acceptable (though reprehensible).

Maggie Hill-Kipling