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Re: Ex-UA student decked by TPD officer during Wildcat riots files $375,000 claim against city.

Sadly, the amount wouldn’t make any difference — it’s not like it comes out of their pockets. You and I get to pay when police abuse people.

Bill Pierce

I don’t care what happened. She doesn’t deserve that ridiculous amount of money. That’s taxpayer money that will pay for this.

Kyle Welch

When cops tell you to stop what you’re doing and leave an area, you should listen.

Jim Murphy

He should be fired. He’s lucky her injuries were as minor they were. And she should have sued for millions.

Thomas Alexander

Here’s an idea: The next time something like this happens, do not call the police. Let the protesters do what they want, and if any damages are done to the businesses, then let the store owners sue the college, since it was their students who did the damage.

John Fisher

That’s way too much. Maybe give her some free counseling to learn to leave the area when told. She’s not learning much in school.

Jess Pikul

Hold the police officer accountable, but I’m not in agreement for $375K.

Thomas Kimble

I hope she gets it.

Michelle Mathews

OK, cop haters, this officer made a mistake, and I am sure it will be dealt with. It isn’t as though the Tucson Police Department is ignoring it. TPD hasn’t had any more issues of abuse of force than any other department — in fact probably less.

Christie Dugas Campos

That’s right — punish TPD for misbehaving. Let’s see if Chief Roberto Villaseñor decides to clean up the department to avoid these excessive-force lawsuits.

David Goodman

$375K? That’s nothing. I would’ve sued for a few million and see what the city can pony up. Only then will the necessary changes be implemented to avoid a similar situation.

Chey Tor