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Re: Emerging solar plants scorch birds in midair; concentrated rays kill one bird every two minutes at California plant.

House cats kill way more birds than that solar plant ever could. When are we getting rid of them? Oh, and tall buildings with windows ...

Jason Burch

The unintended consequences. And they could have built a standard PV system that will last longer and not be such a hazard.

James McKenzie

It would be great if the title of the article mentioned that it is the mirrors/concentrators that are the problem, not the solar.

Danielle Kontovas Fidel

I sure hope they can find a way to prevent this while still making these huge solar plants work for us.

Judy Camello Kuhel

There is a solar alternative to these killing towers, people! If we all demanded that rooftop solar be required for new construction, and made super-affordable for retrofits, then we could forgo these mega-plants that are wrecking our deserts. However, unfortunately for big energy, they would lose profits. We need to keep our administrators and legislators out of collusion with big energy and shift the focus to rooftop solar.

Marlesa Gray

A terrible side effect no one foresaw. We need to quickly come up with a solution.

Tanya Lown

So much for eco-friendly ...

Amanda Harrison

Re: Throwback Thursday: The cover of the Aug. 29, 1994, issue of Sports Illustrated featured members of the University of Arizona’s Desert Swarm defense.

I remember that. 20 years already. Go, Cats.

Patricia Jones

Gaah! The SI curse.

Ron Jacobi

I have this issue signed by Tedy Bruschi and framed.

Cathy Lugo Quiroz


Juan Cordova

Born, bred in Tucson, but sports at the university never impressed me.

Perlita Beauford

I have this issue somewhere. Wow! ‘Dessert Swarm’ wasn’t it?

Tamyra Lynn

Such a stout Defense right there. If only we had the offense to go with it!

Nat Deswood