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Re: Judge reverses Tucson police officer’s demotion over sexual images.

So personal responsibility is out the door?

Randy and Cindy Palmer

I am so glad she fought for her rights! Be very proud of yourself!

Lisa A. Roberts

She is an officer; her judgment was wrong. Is that the kind of officers we need?

Margo Romero

She isn’t the first person or the last person that makes a mistake! Even presidents make mistakes.

Owens Jackie

Good for her. I don’t know what’s worse, the boyfriend she was supposed to be able to trust or the people that tried to punish her for what she did in her private life.

Joseph Sage

Re: New surcharges would boost the cost of traffic tickets, civil-court filings. New revenue would go to help pay county public service center costs.

This from a county that built six-lane highways and puts 35 mile an hour speed limits on them to catch the real criminals going 36 miles an hour.

Jon Schwartz

The rules are inconsistent — Campbell is 35; Fort Lowell, which has homes facing the street, is 40; Oracle is 40; Fifth Street is 30. Half of I-10 is 65; the other half is 55 between Irvington and Oro Valley. The rules for red lights are clear; however, speed limits set citizens up to fail.

Terry Higuera

Don’t need no stinking budget, man. We got taxpayers and user fees to pay for the operation and decorating of this building.

Michael Kleving

Obey the laws, and you have nothing to worry about!

Greg Hyde