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Re: Sunnyside school board votes to buy out Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo’s contract for nearly $500,000.

I don’t understand why. He should have left the same way he came in, without our kids’ money. And I am sure he was one of those that would say “kids first.”

Olivia Hoyos Olivares

Now he’ll be able to pay his back taxes and past-due debts from extravagant and irresponsible living. What a bad example for our youth!

Jeff St Clair Sr.

I seriously need to find a contract job. If I want to quit or they want to fire me they have to buy me out. I really could get used to that!!

Michele Eberhardt

When the lawyer who wrote the contract is your buddy and three out of the five members of the board are your buddy, of course you are going to get paid no matter what you do. Hopefully, the new board will be able to move forward now that the old, nepotistic system has been torn down.

Shelby Irons Scheer

Now I remember why I repeatedly voted against all budget overrides for Sunnyside: due to lack of good management.

Edge Harvey

It grows on trees.

Judith Clark

Think how many teachers could be hired for that amount. They are the ones in the trenches.

Gerry Hicks

Should’ve let him go after the first contract! Couldn’t find the money to save jobs or give their teachers a raise, but this they could find.

Wendy Lilleland

Can I just get $100k? I’ll work for two years and promise to actually work.

Benjamin Barber