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Re: State proposal would gut local libraries.

What will bring businesses here if the people are uneducated and the libraries slowly sinking into greater mediocrity? The state Legislature run by the GOP is, I think, out to destroy everything positive about Arizona and turn it over to the developers, mines and gun nuts.

Kurt Rex Cooper

Chuck Huckelberry is wrong about the bill, but the Arizona Democratic Star’s “gut” headline is even more wrong. Libraries are being surpassed by other forms of information distribution, and in general they should be reduced in size and number. Democrats, like Huck the Taxer, believing that government always knows best, hate to see any tax increase limited.

James Stewart

I believe that some, perhaps many, Arizonans will not be happy until our “leaders” have successfully done away with all public infrastructure and services. People don’t want to contribute to a common good fund which provides a quality of life for ALL Arizonans unless they directly benefit from these common goods.

Ali Boelts

I don’t understand why the state has the need, or the right, to dictate what a county does to fund county resources. If state tax policies have forced the county to find other ways to keep libraries open and operating, why would they then want to “close” those “loopholes”? Who benefits from these “austerity” measures — not the county, not the library patrons, not most taxpayers. So who benefits?

Nora Miller

Of all the places my tax money is spent — the libraries are the ONE thing I feel my money is really used wisely and think it would be a travesty to let this happen. This just proves to me that the “dumbing down” of society is led by politicians!

Laura Ann Ostermeyer

Re: Sen. Gail Griffin, R-Hereford, wants to move Green Valley, Sahuarita, Rosemont Mine to Santa Cruz County.

An election will cost money and it is not needed. If she had bothered to ask those of us who live in Sahuarita, Green Valley or Corona de Tucson, she would know we do not want this. But she never bothered to ask us.

Jean Vickers

Moving the county line isn’t going to magically stop the groundwater and air pollution problems that will affect the people of Tucson. Do people have to be reminded that water flows south-to-north in this area?

Homer Thiel

This should not be about what Pima County wants because Huckleberry doesn’t want to lose the revenue Pima extorts from Green Valley and Sahuarita. Pima doesn’t want the mine, so they should not care about losing it.

Ken Rineer

Hereford is in Cochise county. Please do not think that we Santa Cruz county residents would ever elect (someone) like Gail. We have our own, and they are not likely Rosemont fans.

Jana Gallatin

How about giving Hereford to Mexico?

Damon Raphael