These are excerpts from online reader comments on some of this week’s most-talked-about stories.

Re: Gov. Brewer vetoes SB 1062.

Great, but why did something that should have been an easy decision take so long? She may have saved the Super Bowl, but the real damage has already been done.

Adam Man Tractor Grunder

I’m glad. I can’t believe the Legislature was trying to pass such an ignorant and hateful law.

Kathy Bonville Cavanaugh

Thank you, Governor, for doing the right thing for this state for all the right reasons! You rock!

Susan Hamilton Bruss

Crazy that this bill would ever go this far. The ones that designed it may want to look for a new planet!

Helen Bouwens-Wittman

Re: Supervisor Ally Miller calls 911, asks for round-the-clock police protection after her address is published online.

Her address is PUBLIC RECORD because she’s a county supervisor. She needs to be billed for the “periodic checks” that she is using her position to get from Pima County Sheriff’s Department, and she needs to be warned about abusing the 911 system.

Jim Myers

She should be charged like anyone else that abuses the 911 system! Just another crazy Arizona politician!

Wendi Woodcock Febes

And this is probably why I got put on hold the last time I called 911.

Jaycie Love

Who cares where you live. ... Just do your job; that’s all that matters. If you Google your name, there are places out there that will give you anyone’s address and for a small fee find out everything about you. Welcome to the world.

Bill Mendez Grijalva