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Re: Tucsonans weighed in again on the city’s plans to update rules on planting gardens and raising chickens within the city limits.

I see nothing wrong with taking any of the many vacant lots here and turning them into producing neighborhood gardens. That is a blessing to have, without limitations. If people would quit being anal and keep government out of our lives we would all be healthier and happier. We need neighbors to be able to work together to better the community — that is what some of these gardens/urban farms are all about. Don’t like it? Move out.

Katrina Carnagey‬‬

Taking away self-sustainability is another act of control.

‪Rebecca Love

If you want a farm, move out of the city limits.

‪Nathan Schneider

‬ Build an east-to-west freeway and stop worrying about a bunch of nonsense. If people want to have gardens or chickens and such in their back yards, so be it. The only thing I say that should be outlawed in the city limits are roosters. Ain’t nobody got time for all that commotion.

‪Toryn Bentlage‬‬

The city of Tucson is a vast junkyard with a few yuppie enclaves sprinkled in, so it is OK to farm your mega-lot in El Encanto but not your little subdivision parcel. Who/where do these city fathers think they are?

‪Tom Holladay

I can understand the restriction on animals within city limits, but gardens?

‪Jon Lake‬‬

Does our city not have more important issues to weigh in on other than how many pet chickens you can own? America, home of the free, but yet there’s always someone telling us how we can and can’t live our lives.

‪Rockne S. Rios‬‬

A permit for a greenhouse? Tucson just wants everyone dependent on GMO foods — that way all the businesses that serve this type of food never go out of business. I would rather eat something from my garden than what I can buy from the stores.

‪Roberta Trujillo Hupp