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Re: Tucson City Council unanimously creates Cesar Chavez holiday.

Well that’s a waste of money. Get your priorities straight, Tucson.

Emily Olson

Millions of dollars in the red and the City Council votes to go further in debt. Citizens of Tucson, you deserve what you voted for.

Robert Nicolaus

Finally some sense coming back to Arizona! Great job! If it were not for Cesar Chavez, we would not have food on our plates. Those migrant workers put food on your plates and it is a hard, tedious, underpaid job.

Mercy Duenas

Cesar Chavez was an honorable man who fought for low-paid farmworkers’ rights, not so that well-paid city employees with benefits could have an additional paid holiday. Something like this should have been presented to the voters. Let us make the decision.

Sally Camp

The problem isn’t a Cesar Chavez holiday. The problem is we are broke. Let’s look for solutions, not more problems.

Angie McMurtrie

Re: Two more bighorn sheep found dead; third mountain lion killed.

It’s time to call the governor and have her intervene. Obviously the Game and Fish people are not doing their job. Their advisory panel does not have a clue either. It’s the right choice to end this bizarro cruelty-to-animals experiment.

Matthew Daughtery

Killing the mountain lions for doing what they naturally do to survive is plain bull.

Raquel Lopez

I’ve lost track of the mountain lion versus bighorn sheep score for this competition Game and Fish is hosting. Who’s winning?

Tim Loomis