Facebook comments from our readers

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February 03, 2014 12:00 am

Facebook comments from our readers

These are excerpts from online reader comments on some of the week’s most-talked-about stories. Join the conversation at facebook.com/ArizonaDailyStarOpinion

Re: Glendale wants state aid to cover 2015 Super Bowl costs.

This should be a no-brainer for the taxpaying citizens of Arizona. The entire state should not subsidize this venture. Glendale never should have bid unless it knew it had the money before putting in a bid.

Paula Fleming-Zidel

Do we get free tickets to go? Why should we support the Phoenix area after they took all the other sports team from here?

Pam Ludwig

If they lost money the last time, then why offer to do it again?

Michele Eberhardt

Good grief, am I actually in complete agreement with Steve Farley? Amazing. But yes, I don’t see how asking the rest of the state to contribute more makes any sense — the state will already be spending more than comes in as a tax benefit to provide state-level services during the Super Bowl — I don’t want to toss more money in on top of that!

Steven Charlton

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have a problem with it. I love football and would willingly pay extra to help.

Jimmy Cannon

Re: Tucson seeks to demolish former Panda Buffet on East Broadway.

The city bought the building for $858,000 in hopes of developing the area and then became a landlord with it. Using taxpayer money to run their own business!? And now they are going to destroy it?

Jeff Jones

Too big for payday loans and too small for a CVS. What’s a poor building to do?

Mike Salkowski

I think there are plenty of buildings in this town that should be demolished with this one.

Kristina Best

They never had panda anyway.

David Wing Tang

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