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May 23, 2014 12:00 am

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Re: El Con Mall was purchased for $81.7 million by a group fronted by St. Louis Rams owner Stanley Kroenke.

Hope they don’t change the marquee. Saw that my whole life, and it’s still my favorite mall — especially when they had a teenage hangout called the Gold Mine where you could meet new friends and didn’t have to worry about gang signs and fights.

Sabrina Elizabeth Pina

Hope they keep adding stores and making it a super place to shop again. I would rather go there to shop than Tucson Mall or Park Place. Used to work in that place when Steinfeld’s was there.

Gloria F. Quihuis

I’d want to be the seller (not the buyer). The NIMBYs near El Con deserve the poverty they are creating.

Zak Arthur Klemmer

$80 million for that dump?! LOL. Out-of-towners must have bought it sight unseen! Oh well, if you’re that rich, you deserve to get ripped off!

Jeff Marquez

I say tear it down and put in an outlet mall.

Shauna Strickland

I can see it being torn down and him doing something else with it. I would, and that was overpriced considering the businesses that are there. Park Place mall is a lot better. Tucson Mall beats that one.

Margaret J. Stock Washburn

Looking forward to improvements!

Lorenzo Fuentes

Bring back Levy’s!

Vicki Kay Velasco

Demolish it now ...

Jorge Dávila

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