Re: Tucson city manager, Richard Miranda, retires after nearly 40 years of public service.

Dick Miranda is one of the finest men I’ve ever known. This city will be lost without him. He has been the voice of reason in City Hall, and has done his very best for this community. Congratulations compadre, time for the “blue”!

Robert Allen

Thank you, Richard Miranda, for your years of service to our city. You will be greatly missed by those of us who know how much you sacrificed.

I hope you, Maria and your children will enjoy family time and retirement. God bless and wishing you all the best.

Yolanda Herrera

Please, please hire a city manager who is not from Tucson and has no ties to Tucson. We need a savvy urban manager with big-city ideas who is not part of the nepotistic cesspool of city workers.

Shelby Irons Scheer

Yay. Maybe a more balanced public-service policy will be in our future.

Diane Barrett Thomas

He’s the best thing that ever happened to TPD and the city of Tucson. What have you done to make Tucson a better place? I’m sure nothing but bellyache!

Edward Gonzales

Need to retire the whole City Council including the mayor.

Jim Glampe

Are people so foolish as to believe the budget crisis and road problems all came about under Miranda’s reign? These are long-term problems brought on by an apathetic electorate and a long-term dearth of political leadership.

Nick Abrams

I think that Mr. Miranda is a good man and has given his working life to making Tucson better. As a taxpayer I oppose the idea of bureaucrats taking retirement and then jumping to another lucrative post in the government, but that is the system, and we have ourselves to blame.

Merle Wayne Sneed

On a personal level, it has to be hard for him to retire with the legacy of poor management he is leaving behind ... potholed streets, the trolley folly, budget deficit, etc., but there is plenty of blame to go around, and the majority of that burden must fall on the shoulders of the mayor and council.

David Hawkins