Obama’s policies led

to influx of C. Americans

Re: the June 8 column “We can address Central American crisis we created.”

I’m surprised to learn, as Tim Steller and the Star put it, that “we” have created a situation in which the numbers of new “migrants” and their children are now so overwhelming our government is forced to bus them across the country and even release them on street corners.

“We” did not create this situation. The Obama administration did. It’s funny how our war in Iraq, fully authorized by Congress and supported by leading Democrats, quickly became “Bush’s war” when the going got tough. Well, the Obama administration’s politically motivated manipulation of immigration laws has apparently led multitudes in Central America to believe they can gain entry to this country on the backs of their children.

Please don’t blame me and the millions of others who did not vote for this president for the chaos his policies have created.

Kay Jacobs

Oro Valley

Neyoy Ruiz brings

a lot of positives

Re: the June 8 editorial “End legal limbo for Neyoy Ruiz, who’s no threat.”

I want to thank the Star for your editorial on the plight of Daniel Neyoy Ruiz.

I have met Daniel and found him to be a sincere and good-hearted person whose crime consists in being born across the border.

All he wants is the opportunity to resume living and working here without fear of deportation.

Is that too much to ask?

David Steinberg

Retired, Tucson

How to get DC thinking about immigration

When are we going to start using common sense to solve some of our problems on immigration?

The last time I looked, immigration and border control was the duty and responsibility of the federal government, not the state government. Why then are we accepting illegal immigrants, both adults and children by the busload, and housing them in state-run facilities?

Why don’t we just rent another bus or plane and send them to Washington, D.C? There are many empty federal buildings there which could house these people. Since the federal government has not secured the borders, let them take care of the consequences.

As an added bonus, Mrs. Obama could be in charge of the proper nutrition and diets for these folks.

I wonder why all of sudden there is a tide of younger people coming over the borders — another conspiracy theory or are there any facts?

Bob Kopas

Retired educator, Tucson

Migration hints

at horrors left behind

Re: the June 10 article “Concern over conditions for young migrants.”

What terrible thing is happening in the countries south of us that would cause thousands of parents to send their kids off on their own? Could it be that these children are refugees rather than illegal immigrants?

When will the media do the right thing and find out what awful occurrences are causing thousands of people to do the most difficult thing a human being can do?

Kevin Sells

Retired, Tucson

Help the helpless,

sort out details later

Of course the feds must behave like parental, caring human beings toward unaccompanied children. Feds, or priests, or happenstance witnesses and men and women who hear of their plight must extend sustenance to the helpless. Details can be ironed out later with the help of, among others, humane attorneys such as Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

I have a large guest room, closet and bathroom and will be only too happy to welcome, to lodge, to bathe and feed innocent children! I speak Spanish and English.

Sim Swan

Architect, Tucson

ICE stops enforcing

law in nation’s interior

Re: the June 10 article “Migrant living in church granted deportation stay.”

This decision of a stay of deportation by ICE is ridiculous. More incentives now for illegal aliens to take refuge in churches or elsewhere and to ignore deportation orders, which is what happened here. Another illustration of political correctness and non-enforcement of immigration laws in the interior of the country.

Couple this with the eventual release of thousands of juveniles from Central America and it is clear to see that interior immigration enforcement has ceased. Of the 300,000 or so illegal immigrants removed by ICE last year, about half were apprehended at the border and the other half had criminal records. Only 23,000 did not fall into these categories.

That illustrates the de facto amnesty policy in place now by the Obama administration. The administration’s deferred deportation policy has encouraged all of these juvenile illegal aliens to flock here.

David Burford

Retired, Tucson