Keep 'snail mail': Many rely on it

Re: the March 4 letter to the editor "Get over it: Snail mail soon will be extinct."

I hope that "snail mail" won't disappear. I am a writing volunteer for a prison ministry, and the men and woman I write to don't have access to email or the Internet. They rely on "snail mail" to order books and religious items, and to hear from ministers of their faith in places where no in-person volunteers are available.

If we can't send letters by regular mail, those men and women are deprived of religious counsel and comfort. Given that most of them will be released one day, it seems like a good idea to keep them in touch with their faith's ethics and to encourage them to grow morally.

Of course, it's not just inmates who need "snail mail." There are lots of people who rely on cards and letters to keep in touch with the world outside their hospital rooms and (some) military bases, too.

Ashleen O'Gaea

Mother Earth Ministries, Tucson

Medicare-type plan for all is the answer

Re: the March 4 Pro/Con Commentary on the Affordable Care Act.

The attitude of free-market capitalists regarding the Affordable Care Act is disgusting. When forward-thinking progressives proposed single-payer universal coverage, the free-market bunch threw their full support behind big health-care-insurance providers.

They claimed the only way to control health-care costs was by letting the free-enterprise system work. Now these same capitalists are complaining that they can't afford to provide health insurance for their employees because premiums, established through free enterprise, are too high.

It's time to face reality and implement universal coverage in the form of Medicare for everyone. In the meantime, everyone should boycott any business that uses gimmicks, such as part-time employees, to avoid providing health insurance to its employees.

America should not be the only country where citizens live in fear of being financially destroyed because they get sick or injured.

Jo Peterson

Retired, Tucson

What do we really know about Benghazi?

Re: the March 4 letter to the editor "Benghazi letter shows propaganda still works."

More propaganda from the agenda-driven left … quoting from the letter "Questions were answered" … really? Check with CBS News and its reporter Sharyl Attkisson for an extensive list of unanswered questions as of Feb. 27 … far more unanswered than were answered.

Gullibility abounds and leaves no room for factually addressing serious issues.

Ken Damschen

Green Valley

Thanks to Greg, UA for honoring real hero

Re: the Feb. 27 Greg Hansen column "At 90, UA's 'Babe' still mighty."

How fascinating to read more of the legacy of my grandfather, Frank Sancet, and affirming the type of character that still exists today through the actions of Coach Lopez.

In this day of top athletes acting more like tabloid celebrities, and absent Hall of Fame inductees - I am flooded with memories... not only how you played the game, but how you were expected to play your life (these coaches let you know it!).

Sadly, the priorities of our state, our nation, are moving away from the role that sports need to play in our lives - at least in our schools, where districts are forced to drastically cut or eliminate such programs.

"Babe's" story is so touching. I wonder how many potential heroes have been lost due to the shortsighted decisions of today's "leaders." You don't learn character like this from video games.

Thank you, Lt. Col. Hawke. Thank you, Coach Lopez. And, thank you, Greg, for bringing this story to us.

Hank Rowe

Teacher, Tucson

PCC's 'All Shook Up' wowed playgoer

Many kudos to the Pima Community College West performance of "All Shook Up." What an upper to see a stage full of enthusiastic, energetic, vibrant singing, dancing, and acting.

The sets were incredible and ever-changing, choreography exuberant, finale featured showers of confetti and balloons - it truly was Broadway-worthy.

So much talent by the students, set-designer, orchestra, and director - it should go on tour.

Diane Stephenson

Retired, Tucson

Let's give vets break on tuition as well

Re: the Feb. 28 article "PCC slashes tuition for some immigrants."

If the Pima Community College administrators are going to offer in-state tuition to children of immigrants here illegally, then at the very least, it should be offered to all honorably separated veterans no matter which state they came from.

These men and women placed their lives on the line for this country. Do they deserve anything less?

Thomas J. Verville