Tennis tournament made Tucson proud

The city of Tucson just played host to one of the most prestigious junior boys and girls tennis tournaments in the country. More than 500 players and their families traveled from 34 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, 38 of the players were from Arizona and four were from Tucson.

I checked the Sports section of the Star each day of the tournament — from Dec. 27 to Jan. 1 — and did not see any mention made of either where the tournament was being held or giving any results of at least our local players. In fact, one of our local players made it all the way to the finals in his bracket.

I would like to thank the Reffkin Tennis Center and tournament director Meghan Houk for making Tucson proud.

Lester Strong

Retired, Tucson

Clinton-Palin contest

would offer clear choice

Some have said I must have be joking, but I’m not. Let’s all support both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin to ensure they get their party’s nomination for president in 2016. Both nominations are feasible goals  and the benefits of having the two run against each other will be enormous.

With Hillary and Sarah heading each party’s ticket, we’ll have a race between two seasoned competitors who know how to take a punch and come back fighting. We’ll also have opposing candidates who have shown they aren’t afraid to identify and address the issues.

In short, we’ll have a clear choice between conflicting philosophies of government. And we’ll ensure the nation has its first female president, something that’s long overdue.

Raymond Farrish

Professor emeritus, Oro Valley

Want government

to change? Get involved

America will not change unless Americans themselves change. A majority of Americans think they could do a better job running the government, but my guess is if you asked them to run for office, they would decline.

If you want change in government, then participate in government, in any way you can. Write letters, vote or even get elected. If you want a healthy population to benefit all, then support the attempts by local and national governments to provide this.

Widespread, fundamental change is never instantaneous, but it can happen with the help of the American public.

Laura Steele

Retired teacher, Tucson

Sunnyside board recall

a good move for children

Re: the Jan. 4 article “Sunnyside recall vote OK’d for 2 on board.”

The imminent recall of two Sunnyside Governing Board members is a step forward toward improving the future for the community’s children.

We’ve already lost three budget override elections. In baseball it’s “three strikes and you’re out.” I challenge two potential candidates with impeccable integrity and desire to serve the community to step forward and run against the two incumbents in the recall election.

Then, the Sunnyside Unified School District can advance as a community and oust the remaining member of the cabal if he doesn’t do the right thing and step aside on his own for the good of the community’s children. We need people to serve, rather than be served.

Jose Hernandez

Retired, Tucson

Don’t blame CPS; blame dysfunctional parents

Re: the Jan. 5 editorial “What’s it worth to you to keep an Arizona child safe?”

I believe the term “dysfunctional” that the Star often uses to describe Child Protective Services is best used for the parents of children requiring state intervention rather than for CPS.

In fact, everything that I have read suggests that CPS may  be doing a more than satisfactory job given the realities of available funding and the difficulties of dealing with dysfunctional parents.

If you bothered to look, I’m sure you will find that many CPS employees are providing an outstanding service for the state, at the same time seemingly being underpaid, and don’t deserve the mindless bashing lumped on them by the Star.

Don Schmidt

Retired engineer, Oro Valley