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D-M photos brought back sweet memories

Photographer Kelly Presnell captured so much beauty and tenderness with the April 10 front-page photos of the 354th Fighter Squadron D-M homecoming. The young wife's embracing her returning warrior and Staff Sgt. Clint Perry holding his week-old daughter were precious images.

My wife and I were touched as we reflected back to 1956 (yes, we're old) when on the same tarmac we embraced as our 303rd B-47 Bomb Wing returned to Davis Monthan from a deployment to Guam. Our firstborn was 6 months old and we were very young and innocent. And it's all turned out pretty good. It's spring and love is in the air.

D.H. Bott


Horne is homophobic, anti-civil rights

Let me see if I have this right: Bisbee has voted to give limited benefits to same-sex couples. These benefits would only be within the city limits and would have no impact on the rest of the state.

Our homophobic and anti-civil rights attorney general wants to use my tax dollars to tell Bisbee it can't.

Tom Horne, what is your problem?

Don and Alberta Gunther

Retired, Tucson

Taylor case an embarrassment

Re: the April 7 article "LaWall faulted on Pioneer Hotel deal" and the April 4 article "Emotive Taylor says LaWall should wipe his slate clean."

Isn't it sad that Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall cannot seem to deal with the release of Louis Taylor last week because no one has come up with enough evidence to keep Taylor in jail?

It's bad enough he had to serve more than 41 years for a crime he didn't commit. Where is equal justice? Are we still in the '60s?

Another embarrassment for Arizona. Maybe the next election LaWall will step aside. Taylor should have been exonerated for this so called crime many years ago.

Chuck Mellon


Justice system isn't pretty

Re: the April 4 article "Emotive Taylor says LaWall should wipe his slate clean."

It seems there were questions about whether any misconduct or failure to observe standards caused an innocent Louis Taylor to be convicted of a horrific crime. There are additional questions as to whether the court would have granted a new trial, and if so whether Taylor could have been convicted a second time.

The criminal-justice system is sometimes like sausage making, and you might not want to eat it after you watch. In this case many respected people involved agreed to put all of the questions into a grinder and turn it into a sausage labeled "no contest plea agreement." Taylor himself, with the benefit of a boatload of skilled advice, turned the crank by entering his plea.

This sausage cannot now be reconstituted - although it sure does seem there is some effort to do just that, and some of the sausage makers are participating.

Albert B. Lassen

Lawyer, Tucson

Baby shaker needs life skills, not prison

Re: the April 6 article "Man gets 6 years for shaking son."

I am disappointed in the sentence given to this father. Yes, it is appalling. Yes, he is lucky the child appears to be recovering and yes, he deserves punishment. However, what does prison accomplish? Is he a working father with an intact family? The article stated he felt remorse and did not intend harm.

Obviously, the child must be protected. However, a more appropriate punishment would be probation, setting rules where he is not alone with the child and placing him in a program to learn parenting skills. I am convinced many offenders lack appropriate role models and/or education.

That, plus coping with life difficulties is responsible for mistreatment of children. Separating a father from his family by having him sit in a jail cell seems unproductive, costly to tax payers and will not re-educate him with life skills that will better serve his family in the future.

Eleanor Jeck

Retired, Tucson

Sabino parking not tourist-friendly

I am writing about parking at Sabino Canyon.

On March 30 my son, wife and daughter arrived at Sabino Canyon, a favorite hiking destination for them, mid-morning. They were told the parking lot was full and they would "have to park outside," with no advice on where to park.

The road outside was full of cars, in spite of "No Parking" signs. Other visitors on the road had no idea where else to park either, so my son parked there. When they left, they found a parking ticket for $110.

On a busy Easter weekend, at a park with limited parking, one would think visitors from out of town would get a break, or at least a more reasonable fine.

Tourism is big business here in Tucson and visitors should feel welcome. They like to hike, dine out and shop.

We have been "snowbirds" here for 20 years, owning our home here and loving Tucson.

Jon W. and Rosalie Kenning

Retired, Oro Valley

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