Thanks for McCain vote on background checks

It is a rare occasion when Sen. John McCain and I are on the same side of an issue, so I want to publicly thank him for his vote on background checks.

On the other hand, Sen. Jeff Flake merits my condemnation. He voted against background checks the day after he spoke at the dedication ceremony at the Capitol for naming a room in honor of Gabe Zimmerman.

So for Flake I have two questions: 1) How much did the NRA pay you for your vote? 2) How did you look Gabby Giffords and the Zimmerman family in the eyes at that dedication ceremony when you knew you were going to stab them in the back the next day?

Bonnie Stek

Retired, Tucson

Thanks for Flake vote against feel-good bill

Thank you Sen. Jeff Flake for voting against the gun bill. This bill was a poorly written, feel-good piece of legislation that would have done nothing to help control violence in our country.

It is nice to have someone in Congress who stands up for the people.

Alan Trowbridge

Retired, Tucson

Student art exhibit refreshing, reaffirming

Re: the April 21 article "Deaf and blind students display artwork at Tohono Chul."

What a refreshing and reaffirming article after all the mind-numbing events of last week.

We can all take a lesson from these students that there are more constructive ways to "express our frustrations, fears, excitements and the overall experience of life."

Go see it. It'll just make you feel better.

Kathy Desmarais

Retired, Tucson

Cowardly senators got lucky with news cycle

The spineless senators who voted against any effort to establish reasonable gun controls got lucky. In any normal news cycle, their cowardice would still be a hot topic, but their shameful conduct got - shall we say - "blown" off the front pages by the catastrophic, tragic events in Boston and Texas.

Thus, those senators who voted against the will of the American people managed to - shall we say - dodge a bullet.

People of compassion for victims of senseless gun violence would do well to remember that proverb next time they enter the voting booth.

Jay Hornbacher


Entire PCC board isn't to blame

Re: the April 24 article "Business group to push ouster of 4 on PCC board."

Brenda Even's entire professional life has been spent in the service of children and young people.

Why not find out who is really responsible for the problems at Pima Community College instead of blaming the entire board?

James J. Moffett