Cable TV costs put Cats games out of reach

Even visiting snowbirds can get caught up in the UA basketball program. For the past dozen winters we've paid our hookup-fee and then the monthly rental fees to Cox Communications and subsequently enjoyed the games on TV.

Oops, no more. Not this season. To view the games now, we are required to get a special YV box (installed for 50 bucks), then pay $14 a month to rent the box.

There are many responses to this newest financial arrangement, none of them favorable.

Arthur Lee

Retired, Tucson

Will should heed own advice on verbosity

Re: the Feb. 14 George Will column "Loquacious Barack could learn a lot from Silent Cal."

Is it remotely possible that George Will did not recognize the irony in his suggestion that Obama use fewer words in his public speeches?

No one loves the beauty of his own lengthy and often affected use of the English language more than George himself. His editorials seem intentionally confusing and unnecessarily convoluted. Perhaps he would be wise to heed his own advice.

Laurie Cowles


'Obamacare' is now deserved compliment

Isn't this an amazing world? First, some Republicans - having finished dumping the tea in the harbor - came up with the name "Obamacare" to denigrate what "that man in the White House" had done to expand health care. Suddenly, the Rush Limbaugh crowd had what they saw as an effective sound bite to help defeat him in the 2012 election.

But the negative name became the symbol of what is petty and wrong with the Republicans, and a majority of Americans embraced the man who managed to get the health-care bill passed.

Now this name is widely used in all of the news media as an honorific compliment to the man whose foresight got the job done.

Hooray for Obamacare!

Paul G. Rees

Retired lawyer, Tucson

Look closer at how gov't uses term 'investment'

Whether or not you watched the State of the Union speech, read the text of the speech, without the applause or backdrop of the congressional setting. It is important to understand exactly what was said. Lots of people will interpret what was said, but everyone needs to make up his or her own mind.

Several things to consider when reading the text: First, the nation is in debt for $16.5 trillion. That is nearing the total production of the entire country for an entire year. Do we want to go further in debt? Second, in the real world, when someone makes an investment, they expect to get the investment back plus interest. Only in government does an investment mean spending money, expecting not to get anything back and calling that "an investment."

The Democrats are changing the meaning of words because they think that we are not smart enough to understand, but we are smarter than that, and it only requires paying more attention.

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson

Rubio hardly speaks for middle class

In his response to President Obama's State of the Union address, Marco Rubio worked hard at trying to establish a connection with middle-class Americans. He talked passionately about his middle-class life in his middle-class neighborhood. What he neglected to say was that he has his "middle-class" home on the market for well over half a million dollars. It's hard to imagine any hardworking teacher, cop or firefighter being able to afford a $675,000 home.

Middle class? Really? By whose standard?

Mona Udstuen

Retired teacher, Marana