Holding out hope

for Fitzsimmons

Re: the May 10 column “After Benghazi overload, even my remote has had enough.”

Kudos and praise to David Fitzsimmons for his column. We now at least know he listens to Fox News and is getting the straight story, not the usual White House talking points delivered each day by MSNBC and the New York Times.

There may be hope for Fitz yet, and the usual drivel he puts out. Now he can at least start to understand a conservative, right-wing (as in correct) point of view not dictated by others.

Benn and Doris Isaacman


It’s a cop-out to explain rape as a cultural feature

Re: the May 13 column “Sexual assault on campus and the hookup-culture curse.”

Professor Jonathan Zimmerman has explained campus rape for us: It’s a result of the “hook-up” culture.

“Culture” is a familiar explanation for mistreatment of one group by another. The epidemic of rape in the military is understood as an expression of a male-dominated culture.

Historically, culture — a common set of attitudes and beliefs — was used to explain all sorts of prejudices. Remember when too many Americans believed that “Jews are greedy and want to rule the world,” and “blacks and Latinos are lazy and have too many kids.” This common ignorance was their handy justification for discrimination.

Now we are told that young men smart enough for college are victims of mixed messages. Some women want to have sex with them, so they can be forgiven for thinking all women want sex with them. Their professor defends their hapless confusion, because, after all, college is about sex.

Karen Owsowitz

Writer, Tucson

Guess I’ve been

on the ‘good’ VA list

There is a swell of negative reports out there about VA medical care. Some will be proven true, others perhaps not. When something like this takes place, unfortunately, all facilities and those who serve in them are painted with the same brush.

I am a satisfied recipient of VA care in Tucson and Green Valley. I felt it time to weigh in among all the negatives. My medical care and treatment from those who serve in Green Valley and Tucson has been excellent. Very caring, thoughtful, understanding and patience have been the hallmark of care I have received.

These professionals, along with the many volunteers at the Tucson facility, have made it all work. Many veterans I know have expressed the same positives.

Bottom line, if there are two lists, as has been reported, I have been on the good one for the past 15 years.

John Fanning

Retired, Tucson

Sam’s kiss

a nonissue

Re: the May 13 letter to the editor “Why show Sam kissing partner?”

In reading the letter I wondered what the writer’s motive was. If the picture had been a man and a woman kissing, would he have felt differently? What if the man and woman were paramours? Where does he draw the line?

The fact is, in this day and age the prejudice shown by that letter is outdated and not worthy of attention. Yet, it still exists. Michael Sam was right in sharing his joy in being drafted with his boyfriend. My hope is that the author of that letter, and others who feel the same, find some peace in dealing with this nonissue.

Kyle Ipson

Attorney, Tucson