Money for streetcar

was spent poorly

I rode the streetcar for the first time today.

I voted against it when it was on the ballot. I still think it was a bad idea. It was a lot of money spent for transportation in a small part of the city. That $200 million would have been better spent for more buses and drivers to improve the transportation for the whole city.

Barry Andersen

Retired, Tucson

Why can’t I buy

a 1-way streetcar pass?

I would like to know why you can’t buy a one-way ticket at streetcar locations? I wanted to purchase a one-way ticket to the UA area, but you can only purchase a $4 day pass.

That doesn’t sound right to me. What if you wanted to just take a ride to check it out and come back? I believe we are all getting ripped off. I would appreciate you looking into this.

I did call and they said you can do that but you have to buy the card and that they are deducted like a debit card.

This makes me not want to even try it at all.

Mary Carrasco

Administrative specialist, Tucson

Obama makes Carter

look like a genius

Re: the July 31 letter to the editor “GOP is hurting nation by opposing Obama.”

While I don’t agree with either the writer’s basic premise or her praise of President Obama’s so-called accomplishments, I must admit that Obama has accomplished something that I never thought any president could do, especially in my lifetime.

An objective review of Obama’s performance as president shows he has made Jimmy Carter look like the outstanding, greatest president in our nation’s history.

Richard R. Gallimore

Retired, SaddleBrooke

1,000 House bills

languish in Senate

The GOP House has passed over 1,000 bills, many of them bipartisan, that languish on the floor of the Senate. Whether Harry Reid is following Obama’s lead in saying the House is a do-nothing Congress or whether Reid has become senile and lost touch with reality, as evidenced by his many outrageous comments, we may never know, but these bills are not brought up for a vote.

However, this is Obama’s shame, Reid’s shame and mainstream media’s shame by keeping this from the American public.

Shame on all of them as Americans lose again.

Peter Donaldson

Retired, Tucson

Hansen is fair-weather

Diamondbacks fan

Re: the July 29 article “D-backs snuffing the life out of ex-fans.”

I read Greg Hansen’s article with dismay and disappointment. Yes, the Diamondbacks have been in or hovering around divisional last place for most of the season, and I agree that they have made some inappropriate trades and reassignments. That’s really no reason to accuse the team of “snuffing the life out of” those who support the team. There has to be a last place team in each division, and this year it happens to be the Diamondbacks.

Greg Hansen is obviously nothing more than a fair-weather fan.

A. Roy Olson

Technical writer, Tucson

A true fan sticks

with team, win or lose

Re: the July 29 article “D-backs snuffing the life out of ex-fans.”

I’m a sports fan. I’m happy when “my” teams win. I am disappointed when they lose. I’m a Diamondbacks fan. I went to their first spring training game against the Chicago White Sox. Sadly, I went to their last spring training game in Tucson. I’ve traveled to Phoenix to watch their games. I watch them on TV.

Greg Hansen implied that the D-backs are not “liked much” in Tucson. I strongly disagree. I live in Tucson and I’m a fan. I haven’t always agreed with or understood some of the personnel decisions made by the D-backs’ front office. I haven’t let those decisions turn me into an ex-fan.

I believe that as a fan of any team, during the highs and, more important, during the lows, you stay a fan. I hope that Greg Hansen isn’t the fair-weather fan he appears to be with the D-backs when it comes to the U of A sports teams.

Mary Ruiz

Accounting specialist, Tucson

Yes, we should be

our brother’s keeper

Re: the July 27 guest opinion “Americans answering the call to be our brother’s keeper.”

I totally agree with Bishop Gerald Kicanas as well as the other letter writers who state the “Christian” thing do to is to help. I think it’s time we all relearn what the world “compassion” means.

There was a time in this country when people had no problem helping anyone in need. Now it appears as if all we can do is tell everyone to stay home (i.e. your home country).

Are we becoming a country that no longer welcomes immigrants, illegal or otherwise? I say shame on all of you. You all remind me of what happened during WWII when this country refused to help a group of people who needed our help. It ended up with 6 million of them being killed. As the saying goes “Those who forget history are doomed to relive it.”

Anita Harold

Retired, Tucson